Monday, June 1, 2009

Beachy wedding cake

This is the cake that brought me out of wedding cake retirement after creating the Autumn Wedding cake for another friend. Once again, I made not only the cake, but the cake topper and florals between the tiers, too.

I am probably most proud of the score that got me the sand castle topper. I was really struggling with what to have on top. The bride left it entirely up to me, which usually, I really like. I don't want to promise something to someone and then not be able to deliver. Since I am not a professional at this (and in fact, don't make any money at all on my cakes), I have been really firm that I can't really promise specifics beyond flavor and color.

This sand castle is a candle holder that I found at Kohl's on a clearance table. It was perfect, and I was able to incorporate it into the topper pretty easily. This cake was TALL! I was worried about the balance of everything as I assembled. Luckily, I usually make too much cake, so losing the top layer would have been embarrassing, but everyone would still have gotten to eat cake!

The whole cake:

And the bottom layer close up:

The top layer closeup:

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