Thursday, December 17, 2009

South Pacific cast party cake

This cake was created for the cast party of a South Pacific production. It was really fun to make. Once again, lots of fondant for the characters.

The palm trees are thick pretzel sticks with paper leaves wired to the top. I would have liked to do fondant leaves, but time ran away from me and I was lucky to get done the parts I absolutely needed to have!

The blue and green icing is just tube icing that was glittery. I thought it looked nice as water. The 'sand' is crushed graham crackers. The grass 'skirt' on the hula guy is paper as well. Cutting the fondant so thin made it break apart too easily. The paper ended up looking pretty good.

Chicago Blackhawks hockey cake

This cake was created for Ian, who was turning 3 years old. I also call this cake Revenge Tastes Like Buttercream. If you get that, you know the story. If you don't get it, it's too hard to explain! LOL

Every time I do something new and different, I say "this is my favorite thing I have done yet." This cake is no exception. I have never pieced together a logo this complicated before using fondant. I have also not created as detailed a character as this hockey player. And last, I have never actually covered anything with fondant, so covering the Ding-Dong hockey puck was new, too!

I don't even know where to begin on what I did on this cake, except that I printed out several different sizes of the Blackhawks logo so that I would have a variety to choose from when assembling my cake. The big logo on the cake is about 6 inches in diameter. I cut up a printed logo and used the pieces to cut out the correct parts from different colors of fondant. I purchased all precolored fondant to save my hands all the kneading and mixing. I mixed the orange myself, and the skin color. All others were precolored.

The hockey player was made out of fondant. The hockey stick was fondant wrapped around a core that was a sucker stick. I rolled fondant super thin to create the 'tape' on the stick. The logo on the jersey was just paper (I cheated!) and the 'puck' is a fondant wrapped Ding Dong with a paper logo and icing writing. The guy was originally supposed to stand up, however, these fondant figures are HEAVY, and he had lots of pieces.

The Blackhawks logo was pieced with fondant cut out with an exacto knife. Yes, every piece! I was super proud of how this turned out. It really looked neat. It was easier than I expected, because I just kept cutting out the pieces of the logo like a puzzle, putting the paper on top of the fondant, and carving it out. Then placing on the pieces already assembled. It was fun to do. Time consuming, but fun to do.