Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cast party cake for The Vagina Monologues

My lovely coworker, Kaitlin, directed a fantastic production of The Vagina Monologues last week. I was really impressed by the whole production. When she asked if I would make a cast party cake, how could I possibly turn down the chance to do something like this? So, I started my research several months ago. And, by the way, I do not suggest googling vagina cake images. Some of them are disturbing! After lots of jokes and a decision that we did not want the cake to look like a bachelor party treat, I went with a line from one of the monologues: "My vagina is a shell, a tulip, and a destiny." And, I came up with the Vagina Flower, inspired by some of the (strange) female genital art on

The vagina flower is made from fondant. The silver sparkle is luster dust that i brushed on with a paintbrush. Each flower petal is individual. Trying to make the flower in one piece with five petals didn't go so swell. I kinda tried to make each layer of the female parts a little darker than the outer layer... so the flower was white. the next layer was a light pink. Then a bit darker pink, then the darkest pink.

Kaitlin's production raised $2500 for the Center for Prevention of Abuse. ROCK ON! What a fantastic effort for a great cause. Way to go, Kaitlin.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blackhawks Jersey

Jake, my second favorite teenager in the world, requested a Blackhawks cake. I've enjoyed watching Jake play hockey over this past season, and he's a fun player to watch!

I wanted to come up with something really fun for Jake when his mom asked me to create something for his monumental 13th birthday. I came up with this Blackhawk's Jersey cake.

The jersey is made out of fondant. I recreated the emblem out of fondant as well, piecing like I did on the previous Blackhawks cake. I curved the jersey arms and body so it would look kind of dimensional. He seemed to like it. I think he pulled the emblem off the chest and stuck it on his head. He had already eaten most of a chocolate chip skillet cookie sundae before I got there with the cake... sugar OD? Perhaps...

Roller Skating cake

Maggie requested a roller skating cake for her birthday at the skating rink. I had free reign (like I normally do) so I just asked her for 3 colors and went to work.

The yellow circle is fondant, and I just needed a surface for the skates that wouldn't let them sink into the pink icing.

I made the skates out of fondant, and I think the wheels are fondant, too.I used a little bit of sucker stick or toothpick (can't remember) to hold the wheels in place. The laces are icing with a really fine dot tip.

Grateful Dead

Another Hamilton Family cake! My BFF, Shannon, had a significant birthday in December. Her wonderful husband arranged a surprise birthday party with family and friends. He said he simply wanted a Grateful Dead cake, and a specific motto written on it. it was fun to make, but a real challenge! Those bears were hard!

Each bear was cut out of fondant. It was really difficult to cut out the little fuzzy pokey bits of the bear fur. So, I decided to outline it with black gel icing. With a toothpick. It was not easy!

The logo "Let life lead by it's own design" is a testament to the happy go lucky nature of the birthday girl. Love ya, Shannon!

Strawberry Shortcake

Ellie had another birthday! The Hamilton Family keeps me busy with their cakes, that's for sure.

This was a simple cake, as far as difficulty. Obviously, any time I can add a little toy figurine to a cake it makes it WAY easier!

Drop flowers, a grass border and some fresh strawberries round it all out.