Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cast party cake for The Vagina Monologues

My lovely coworker, Kaitlin, directed a fantastic production of The Vagina Monologues last week. I was really impressed by the whole production. When she asked if I would make a cast party cake, how could I possibly turn down the chance to do something like this? So, I started my research several months ago. And, by the way, I do not suggest googling vagina cake images. Some of them are disturbing! After lots of jokes and a decision that we did not want the cake to look like a bachelor party treat, I went with a line from one of the monologues: "My vagina is a shell, a tulip, and a destiny." And, I came up with the Vagina Flower, inspired by some of the (strange) female genital art on

The vagina flower is made from fondant. The silver sparkle is luster dust that i brushed on with a paintbrush. Each flower petal is individual. Trying to make the flower in one piece with five petals didn't go so swell. I kinda tried to make each layer of the female parts a little darker than the outer layer... so the flower was white. the next layer was a light pink. Then a bit darker pink, then the darkest pink.

Kaitlin's production raised $2500 for the Center for Prevention of Abuse. ROCK ON! What a fantastic effort for a great cause. Way to go, Kaitlin.

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