Friday, March 19, 2010

Blackhawks Jersey

Jake, my second favorite teenager in the world, requested a Blackhawks cake. I've enjoyed watching Jake play hockey over this past season, and he's a fun player to watch!

I wanted to come up with something really fun for Jake when his mom asked me to create something for his monumental 13th birthday. I came up with this Blackhawk's Jersey cake.

The jersey is made out of fondant. I recreated the emblem out of fondant as well, piecing like I did on the previous Blackhawks cake. I curved the jersey arms and body so it would look kind of dimensional. He seemed to like it. I think he pulled the emblem off the chest and stuck it on his head. He had already eaten most of a chocolate chip skillet cookie sundae before I got there with the cake... sugar OD? Perhaps...

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