Monday, June 1, 2009

An Autumn reception - my first 'wedding' cake

This was my first really large tiered cake. I made not only the cake itself, but the flowers and cake topper, too. I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter at the time, and I really felt it by the time I finished. This was a LOT of work, but my friend and her husband seemed to love it, so it was definitely worth it. I told myself at the end that I would not do another wedding cake until my OTHER friend got married, and I stuck to that (Beachy wedding cake coming up in the next post.)

I really liked to tone on tone icing. It was very subtle with the scroll design, but I think it turned out nice. I did cheat and use the Wilton Scroll press set to save myself some time.

And a closeup of the topper... there are 2 cutesy little Autumn Scarecrows in the lighted gazebo. Yeah, cutesy isn't for everyone, but she seemed to like it. All the other flowers were just silk flowers that were arranged on the separator plates as well as on and around the topper gazebo.

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