Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Little Pony Carousel cake

This little girl is the sister of Treasure Chest cake and Star Wars cake boy. She requested a Ponyville cake. I've always wanted to do a moving carousel cake, and now I finally have!

This was a super easy cake to make. No advanced decorating techniques here, which was a good thing. I think I remember working on this cake up to the very last minute. Then, I had to assemble at the site of the party, and didn't know for sure how it would all work out until I actually put it together. Nothing like the pressure of a deadline.

The base of the cake is just a half sheet cake. then, I have a small cake circle on the top, with dowels underneath to hold the weight of the carousel. Then, I have a standard cake plate, then the turning portion of the cake is a decorating turntable from the cake decorating section of Michaels. The round layer on the turntable 10 inches, I think.

Next, a smaller (8 inch?) cake plate turned upside down with crystal clear pillars creates the area for the carousel ponies. Another cake circle on the top holds the 10" top layer. The top layer goes all the way to the edge of the cake circle by design.

The top of the cake is just a single layer cake with the curved top left on, and frosted. I used the garland marker set from Wilton to help me divide the cake easily.

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