Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Princess cakes

Ah, what little girl hasn't requested a princess cake? These are made with the Pampered Chef batter bowl. The large one works best, so you can use a real barbie doll in the center.

* Wrap Barbie's body in saran wrap so you don't have to take her clothes off.

* If you don't want to risk getting greasy (!yum!) frosting on Barbie's clothes, you can use tulle to wrap her body strategically to resemble a crossover or halter style outfit. I'd still wrap her lower body in saran wrap so you can prevent frosting from getting into Barbie's leg joints or cootchie.

* Use the small Pampered Chef prep bowls and tiny princess dolls from the dollar store for individual mini princess cakes for the little princesses attending the party.

* If you haven't discovered Wilton's Cake Release, please pick some up. It's fantastic and a must have. You can find it at your usual Wilton places, like Michael's and Hobby Lobby, but The Evil Empire (Walmart) sells it, too.

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